Agile: Be or Not to Be?

Ágil: Ser ou Não Ser?

Today I would like to signal the relevance of an Agile partnership between executive assistants and line managers in response to the current crisis scenario, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this beginning of 2021, the situation is even more critical than last year, requiring more sensibility to the people side of the organizational change and challenging leaders to launch effective change programs to develop better career development strategies to unlock their full potential and increase their professional wellbeing.

I have found the Agile Method a very good way of working on my current professional project. By definition, the Latin word ăgĭlis, is an adjective, whose meaning in English is active, quick, and so on. Besides, in Business Management, the word agile is used to describe “ways of planning and doing work, in which it is understood that making changes as they are needed is an important part of the job”. When is it appropriate to adopt the Agile way of working?

For instance, if an organization is facing a difficulty to define the scope of a project and its initial requirements; or when you do not have a clear description of your product or service, then it is appropriate to introduce the Agile Method. What are the basics of an Agile way of working? According to S.V Zykov (2021), the basic practices are:

§ Continuous improvement: The aim is to improve future interactions using past records.

§ Customers are informed and work closely with the team. The aim is to meet customer requirements.

§ Changes: it is easy to accept and set changes with a shorter planning cycle. The aim is to refine and reprioritize item.

§ Team interaction: frequent and face-to-face communication results in high-quality products.

I hope this suggestion helps you to have agility in your business relationship in your workplace. In short, by using the agile concept, you will be able to understand and identify key Agile tools and human factors that may result in a better solution for your organization and yourself.

All the best with your new project 2021!